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James Keating enjoys a prolific career as an editor, rewriter, and proofreader of manuscripts covering many fields and subjects. He has been a copy editor at BusinessWeek magazine (New York) and an editor in chief with Young & Rubicam (Chicago), Arthur Young (New York), Chevrolet (Detroit), Daiwa Securities (Tokyo), and Mazda Motor (Hiroshima). He was president of Editors Inc. (Tokyo), whose clients included Northwest Airlines, Citibank, Credit Suisse, Tokyo University, and the Japanese government. Keating also lectured on writing style and American conversation for two years under contract with Japan's Ministry of Education.

He has rewritten many books, including The Goodyear Story; Owen Lattimore: China Memoirs; Japanese Private Colleges and Universities; The Evolution of the International Monetary System; Shaping the Future of Japanese Management; and Retroviruses in Human Lymphomal/Leukemia.

In his experience as an editor and rewriter in Tokyo, Keating worked with original and translated English documents by ESL writers from throughout the world, including many in Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East.

The one common problem shared by most of these writers, he found, was in their application of American English style and usage. Thus he saw the need for a book like Writing Modern English, a handbook that would simply instruct students in these areas on how to use short words and short sentences and how to avoid idioms and colloquialisms. Careful ESL writers, he contends, will stumble far fewer times and communicate much better if they observe this kind of thinking as they write English. Many examples in his books are from manuscripts prepared by ESL writers.

Keating is a member of the Modern Language Association and several international IQ societies, including MENSA, ePiq, CIVIQ, Triple Nine, ISI-Society, and the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry.

The home page for his business, which is now in the United States, is www.rewrite-right.com.

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