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Writing Modern English

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Writing Modern English

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Smart English Expression

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Writing Modern English was prepared for writers of English as a second language (ESL). It is a how-to handbook with abundant English examples for those who want to write English with accuracy, brevity, and clarity.

First printed in Japan, it quickly became the No. 1 best seller on Amazon-Japan, a position it held for eight weeks. Throughout the following year it was Amazon-Japan’s No. 3 best seller.

A publisher in Taiwan realized the book's value and released an edition in Chinese. This was soon followed by a Korean version published in Seoul.

All three editions are now available through this home page.

When the book was first accepted in Japan, Managing Editor K. Shimomura said, "This book answers all the questions I never knew where to find the answers to."

Other notable comments about Writing Modern English

  • Americans have Strunk & White's Elements of Style by their side when they write, but for me, Writing Modern English is the perfect desk companion. We now have a guide that clearly explains the rules. 
    T. Yamazaki, businessman

  • This book is clearly superior in its construction, comprehensibility of explanations, and appropriateness of examples. I strongly recommend it to English teachers, university students, members of the business community, and anyone else with an interest in written English. English Teacher's Magazine, Professor K. Fukui, Gifu Women's University

  • An essential book for people who want to write clear, precise, and concise English. Among the most important books to appear in recent years. No book has provided such an exhaustive explanation of the basics of writing English.   Y. Fukuda, President, PAO Communications (translation company), Tokyo

  • A good English handbook should do precisely what this book does well: Make it easy for students to understand the problems involved in writing correct English and teach them how to correct these problems.  Henry F. Salerno, professor emeritus of English, State University of New York

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